Lavender Honey Ice Cream

This decadent lavender honey ice cream is simply delicious by itself or to complement a dessert. Have you taken our ...  CONTINUE

Red Cabbage Gazpacho with Grain Mustard Ice Cream

The colorful red cabbage sour soup served at the table with mustard ice cream is a great refreshing starter adapted ...  CONTINUE
Pucker-Free Lemon with Miracle Berry

Candied Lemon Frost, Violet Ice Cream, Yogurt Snow, Flowers

From 2-star Michelin Chef Jordi Cruz, an elegant dessert with floral flavors. The perfect final note for any meal.  ...  CONTINUE
Umami rich ingredients kombu, katsuobushi and shiitake mushrooms

Belgium Ale – Chocolate, Coffee, Black Olives

Black olives, beer and chocolate ice cream in the same dessert? Can that be right? It certainly can, if you’re ta ...  CONTINUE
4- Cherry Vodka Candy

Goat Cheese Mousse, Grape Jelly, Yuzu Curd, Basil Ice Cream

A modernist dessert that pairs airy goat cheese mousse with grape, yuzu and basil. Flavors are presented in multipl ...  CONTINUE

Caramel Poached Apples, Walnut Soil, Cider Honey Foam

A magical dessert by Chef Steven Cak of Parkside, Austin. Great flavor combination, balanced sweetness and variatio ...  CONTINUE
Quay Snow Egg by Peter Gilmore

Guava Snow Egg by Chef Gilmore

One of Quay’s most heavenly desserts, the Snow Egg is a poached meringue egg, with a “yolk” of custard apple  ...  CONTINUE

Cigar Smoke Ice Cream

You will definitely surprise your diners when they are served a cigar on an ash tray as dessert! The dark chocolate ...  CONTINUE

Sierra Mist (cocoa nitro-air, yogurt foam, goat milk)

This dessert is an incredible combination of flavors, temperatures, textures and techniques with an amazing present ...  CONTINUE
Jelly of Quail - oak moss dry ice vapor

Parmesan ice cream with Prosciutto

Savory ice creams are very popular nowadays in molecular gastronomy and this Parmesan ice cream is my favorite. The ...  CONTINUE
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